LUSID’s role-based access management system (RBAC) is designed to give you precise control over who can do what in your LUSID domain. It consists of two separate but interrelated systems: 

  • The identity management system controls how users authenticate (that is, sign in) to LUSID 
  • The access control system controls which LUSID datasets and features users are permitted to access once authenticated. 

The best place to start is with our white paper explaining how these systems work together.

Note: You can transition LUSID to a user-based access management system (UBAC) if you do not need to model professional responsibilities as roles. More information.  

Your ability to administer these systems is subject to access control permissions itself, but assuming you have sufficient privileges you can use the Identity and Access menu in the LUSID web app:

Alternatively, you can interact with these systems programmatically using a variety of API and SDK resources.

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