The FINBOURNE platform is made up of a number of applications. See how to get started.

Each application has a documented REST API. Some applications have SDKs (with more in development).

You can use Swagger to 'try out' all our APIs. Note that each of the Swagger links below points to; switch www to the root of your LUSID domain, for example, before you try. More information.

ApplicationDescriptionAPI URL
REST API docSDK (convenient access to API)Preview SDK (early access to features)SDK tools (utils, CLI, others)
LUSID APIOpen, API-first, developer-friendly investment data platform with a GUI front end.api/api/...Swagger, RedocPython, C#, Java, JavascriptPython, C#, Java, JavascriptLUSID Python Tools (LPT)
SchedulerAutomated job scheduler.scheduler2/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
InsightsMonitoring and troubleshooting service.insights/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
IdentityIdentity management for LUSID (in conjunction with Access, below).identity/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
AccessAccess control for LUSID (in conjunction with Identity, above).access/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
DriveSecure file repository and manager for collaboration (like Dropbox).drive/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
LuminesceSQL-based data virtualisation service (read/write data to multiple sources, including LUSID). honeycomb/api/...Swagger Python, C#Lumipy (data science)
Configuration StoreSecure central repository for secrets and parameters (like the AWS Parameter Store).configuration/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
Notification ServiceNotifications via email, SMS or webhook when LUSID events occur.notification/api/...Swagger Python, C#, Java 
Workflow ServiceBuild operational controls to manage the flow of investment data to and from LUSID.workflow/api/...Swagger