The FINBOURNE platform is made up of a number of applications. See how to get started.

Each application has a documented REST API. Some applications have SDKs (with more in development).

ApplicationDescriptionREST APISDKPreview SDK (early access to features)SDK tools (utility functions and CLI)
LUSID APIOpen, API-first, developer-friendly investment data platform.Swagger, DocumentationPython, C#, Java, JavascriptPython, C#, Java, JavascriptLUSID Python Tools (LPT)
LUSID web appGUI front end to LUSID.Swagger   
SchedulerAutomated job scheduler.Swagger Python, C#, Java 
InsightsMonitoring and troubleshooting service.Swagger Python, C#, Java 
IdentityIdentity management for LUSID (in conjunction with Access, below).Swagger Python, C#, Java 
AccessAccess control for LUSID (in conjunction with Identity, above).Swagger Python, C#, Java 
DriveSecure file repository and manager for collaboration (like Dropbox).Swagger Python, C#, Java 
LuminesceSQL-based data virtualisation service (read/write data to multiple sources, including LUSID). Swagger Python, C# 
Configuration StoreSecure central repository for secrets and parameters (like the AWS Parameter Store).Swagger Python, C#, Java 
Notification serviceNotifications via email, SMS or webhook when LUSID events occur.Swagger Python, C#, Java