The LUSID platform is made up of a number of applications.

Each application has a documented REST API. Some applications have SDKs (with more in development).

Application Description REST API SDK Preview SDK (early access to features)
LUSID Open, API-first, developer-friendly investment data platform. Swagger, Documentation Python, C#, Java, Javascript Python, C#, Java, Javascript
Web app User-facing front end for LUSID. Swagger   Python
Scheduler Automated job scheduler. Swagger   Python
Insights Monitoring and troubleshooting service. Swagger   Python
Identity Identity management for LUSID (in conjunction with Access, below). Swagger   Python
Access Access control for LUSID (in conjunction with Identity, above). Swagger   Python
Drive Secure file repository and manager for collaboration (like Dropbox). Swagger Python, C# Python, C#
Luminesce Data virtualisation service (query data from and input to multiple sources, including LUSID).  Swagger   Python
Notification Notification service. Swagger   Python
Workflow Starting and transitioning simple workflows. Swagger   Python
Configuration Store Secure central repository for secrets and parameters (like the AWS Parameter Store). Swagger