SDK languages:  C#  |  Java  |  Python  |  JavaScript

What are v2 SDKs?

The v2 SDKs are an updated generation of SDKs that use a newer version of the OpenApi Generator project.  At the same time we are consolidating multiple libraries into one so there is just one place to find the methods needed to use LUSID for each supported language.

The new generator brings fixes and new features across all the languages we support. For example:

  • Java support optional parameters making upgrades easier.
  • Python supports asynchronous calls.
  • C# improves handling of long requests.
  • JavaScript classes and authentication are consistent with other language SDKs.

Upgrading to v2 requires some changes to your code because packages have moved or changed names. These should be straightforward to find and apply when you decide to update to v2 and will be explained in the release notes for each SDK as it becomes available.

How does a v2 SDK get rolled out?

The v2 SDKs will be published alongside the v1 SDKs so that you can keep using v1 until you decide to adopt v2. To ensure you remain on v1 you may need to explicitly fix the dependency within your projects.

As additional major versions get published, we will be deprecating the older ones. The v1 SDKs will be supported and receive updates for a period of six months after v2 is available. This is to allow time for you to adopt v2.

For the core LUSID SDK:

  • LUSID v2 SDKs for PythonC# and Java are available now; JavaScript will follow in Q4 2023. We will notify you as additional languages are supported. We recommend that you update as soon as a new SDK becomes available.
  • The v1 SDKs will continue to be published for 6 months, after which they will be deprecated and updates will stop.

Other SDKs in the FINBOURNE platform (Luminesce, Scheduler, Access, Drive and so on) will follow the same process and be available from Q4 2023. We will notify you when the individual v2 SDKs are available and when we plan to deprecate the old ones.

Note that you must upgrade all SDKs used in a particular process to v2 at the same time. A process that uses both the Scheduler and Drive SDKs, for example, must either use v1 of both SDKs or v2 of both SDKs; mixing major versions will lead to dependency conflicts. The Horizon SDK is released alongside the v2 SDKs and is therefore only compatible with v2 onwards.

Are there still Preview SDKs?

With v1 SDKs there are two packages: SDK and SDK Preview. The Preview SDK includes Experimental and Beta API endpoints. With v2 all endpoints are available from one SDK and you no longer need to use the Preview SDK to access these. The licensing of these endpoints remains the same.

If you have questions about your current licenses, or the process of upgrading to v2, please contact support.