LUSID has a Notification Service that enables you to subscribe to the events that LUSID and its ecosystem of applications automatically emit, and receive notifications via multiple delivery channels when those events occur. See the list of events.

For example, you could subscribe to a LUSID event such as:

  • A portfolio is created (available now)
  • A scheduled job completes, fails or does not start (available now)
  • An order is executed, and many others (coming soon).

Note: You can trigger the Manual event yourself to notify people or perform actions when non-LUSID activity occurs. See how to do this.

You can subscribe to an event:

  • Unconditionally. That is, you are always notified when the event occurs.
  • Conditionally. So for example you could write a filter to subscribe to the ‘portfolio created’ event only when portfolios are created in a particular scope, or with a particular name.

When an event occurs, you can notify:

  • People via email.
  • People via SMS.
  • An application or service (including LUSID itself) via a webhook. So for example you could subscribe to the ‘portfolio created’ event and call the LUSID UpsertTransactions API to automatically seed new portfolios with cash.

Providing you have appropriate permissions, you can interact with the Notification Service using the LUSID web app, via the Workflows & Scheduling > Subscription Management menu:

Alternatively, you can interact with the Notification Service programmatically:


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