Luminesce is a data virtualization engine for LUSID and other applications. It is proprietary technology designed and developed by FINBOURNE Technology Limited. Understanding the Luminesce platform architecture.

Luminesce enables you to query multiple sources of business intelligence simultaneously in real-time—including investment management data stored in LUSID itself—and build a consolidated picture for analysis, optionally writing data back into LUSID. Alternatively, you can use Luminesce in a standalone capacity, without interacting with LUSID at all.

Data virtualization means you don’t have to extract, transform and load data into a data warehouse or lake, with all the attendant cost, complexity and obsolescence issues. You don’t have to worry about data in multiple sources being in different formats or conforming to different models. You can query any number of data sources for which Luminesce providers exist in situ, using either our set of SQL-based tools or your own familiar BI app such as Power BI, Tableau or Excel. We supply providers for LUSID and other popular external data sources, or you can create your own.

If you are a LUSID user, and providing you have an appropriate license and access control permissions, you can interact with Luminesce using the LUSID web app, via the Data Virtualisation menu:


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