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A compliance rule in LUSID represents a condition which an order must meet to comply with the relevant regulations, both pre- and post-trade. Before an order is placed, LUSID checks whether the order complies with your specified pre-trade rules. LUSID can also run post-trade compliance checks, fully-configurable to run when you choose and check orders comply with your chosen rules. 

For example, as a Compliance Officer, you might want to create and enforce a rule that a portfolio has a maximum of 20% exposure to any one country of risk. Let's imagine a Portfolio Manager creates an order of 150 AAPL shares for their portfolio. LUSID runs a compliance check to ensure this order does not breach the 20% exposure rule. You might also set up a daily schedule to monitor compliance for all orders from the previous day. You can monitor all the results and choose to customise what happens next, depending on whether the compliance check passed or failed.

For Compliance Officers, LUSID's order management system (OMS) enhances your compliance efforts by:

  • Enabling you to create compliance rules, then enforce and monitor pre-trade compliance runs. LUSID's fully customisable model allows you to set up OMS workflows which prevent your traders from making any placements with brokers until every order in a block passes pre-trade compliance checks.
  • Allowing you to customise alerts to always be notified when pre- or post-trade compliance is breached.
  • Giving you the ability to provision privileged users with elevated permissions in order to override compliance checks when necessary, with a complete audit trail including the order and individuals involved, the time it took place and more.

For Portfolio Managers and Traders, LUSID's OMS makes compliance checks effortless by:

  • Seamlessly wrapping checks into the ordering process, allowing Portfolio Managers to run compliance swiftly and easily, before passing the orders to Traders for blocking and placement, all in one tool.
  • Providing a simple and fast way for you to update your orders if compliance fails, whilst giving you the reassurance that an audit trail is always automatically created for you.