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Providing you are a LUSID user with sufficient access control permissions, you can create an SMS notification to send to people when an event you have subscribed to occurs. For example, you could notify all the portfolio managers by SMS when the LUSID ‘portfolio created’ event occurs.

Using the Notification REST API

Currently, you can create one notification per API call. Note you must have already subscribed to the event you want to attach the SMS notification to.

  1. Obtain an API access token.
  2. Call the CreateNotification API for your LUSID domain, passing in your API access token and:
    • The scope and code of the subscription to attach it to.
    • A body. You can use attributes of the subscribed event in mustache templates to make the text more meaningful.
    • A comma-separated list of phone numbers. You can specify up to 10 recipients.
    For example, to attach an SMS notification to a subscription with the scope PortfolioEvents and code PortfolioCreated:
    curl -X POST "https://<your-domain>" 
        -H "Authorization: Bearer <your-API-access-token>" 
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
        -d '{
          "notificationId": "PortfolioCreatedSmsNotification",
          "displayName": "SmsNotification",
          "notificationType": {
            "Type": "Sms",
            "Body": "A portfolio was created with code {{Body.portfolioCode}} in {{Body.portfolioScope}} at {{Header.timestamp}}.",
            "Recipients": [
    The response is as follows. Note you can use the id of the notification (highlighted in red) to reference it again in subsequent API calls:
        "notificationId": "PortfolioCreatedSmsNotification",
        "displayName": "SmsNotification",
        "notificationType": {
          "type": "Sms",
          "body": "A portfolio was created with code {{Body.portfolioCode}} in {{Body.portfolioScope}} at {{Header.timestamp}}.",
          "recipients": [
        "createdAt": "2023-07-14T10:20:29.1903787+00:00",
        "userIdCreated": "00uji4twb7X42sdse2p7",
        "modifiedAt": "2023-07-14T10:20:29.1903787+00:00",
        "userIdModified": "00uji4twb7X42sdse2p7",
        "href": "https://<your-domain>"

Using the LUSID web app

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