Horizon: Copp Clark leverages FINBOURNE's partnership with Copp Clark to enable seamless integration of the latest market holiday data with your LUSID domain:

  • You do not need a Copp Clark account or a relationship with Copp Clark yourself. We partner with Copp Clark to bring you the latest market holiday data for the duration of your Horizon: Copp Clark subscription.
  • We provision your LUSID domain with a schedule which you simply need to configure to import the Copp Clark data relevant to your operation.

To subscribe to Horizon: Copp Clark:

  1. Contact your FINBOURNE sales representative. Note it may take up to 24 hours to provision your LUSID domain with the schedule.
  2. Choose the calendar types and, within those types, specific calendars to import, for example Currency FX Market calendars for GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, EUR and JPY.
  3. Enable the schedule. By default, it will then run daily at 2am UTC to import the latest data for your chosen calendars.

Note: You can change the calendars to import and the days/times to import them at any time.

All imported calendars are assigned a generic scope of CoppClarkHolidayCalendars and a code unique to each calendar. See how to discover calendar codes.

You can reference the code of an imported calendar in various business operations and expect LUSID to automatically factor market holidays into outcomes:

Table of contents

Configuring the schedule to import calendars

Enabling the Copp Clark schedule

Configuring the schedule to import calendars at different days and times

Obtaining the scope and codes of imported calendars