You can use LUSID to action and/or record the order lifecycle, from order inception to execution and allocation. LUSID's flexible order management system (OMS) enables every job function involved in the order lifecycle to improve efficiency and compliance in the way that best suits you. Understand how LUSID's order management system works.

You can choose to use all of LUSID's OMS capabilities, or tailor the features to fit your needs. For example, as a Portfolio Manager, you can: 

  • Use LUSID's portfolio rebalancing capabilities to generate new orders for some instruments.
  • Run pre-trade compliance on your orders and notify a Trader that these orders can be picked up.
  • Once a trade has been executed, allocate fills to portfolios using allocation algorithms.
  • Have LUSID book transactions for you from your allocations so you can generate holdings and perform valuations.
  • Use the valuation metrics to rebalance your portfolio and repeat the order lifecycle again.

As a Trader, you can:

Alternatively, a Compliance Officer might only be interested in monitoring compliance throughout the order lifecycle. As a Compliance Officer, you can: 

  • Create and implement compliance rules.
  • Enforce pre-trade compliance checks and automate post-trade compliance run schedules.
  • Monitor pre- and post-trade compliance and breaches, whilst holding elevated privileges which allow you to override compliance rules when necessary.


Providing you have appropriate permissions, you can interact with and manage your orders using the LUSID web app, via the Dashboard menu:

Alternatively, you can manage your orders and compliance programmatically:


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