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Providing you have suitable access control permissions, you can create a corporate action source.

You can then subscribe one or more transaction portfolios to the source, and upload corporate actions to it.

Using the LUSID API

  1. Obtain an API access token.
  2. Call the CreateCorporateActionSource API, specifying:
    • A scope and code that together uniquely identify the source (the latter must be unique within the former).
    • A meaningful displayName.
    • A single instrument scope in the instrumentScopes field if the transaction portfolio(s) you intend to register resolve economic activity to instruments mastered in that scope. If all intended transaction portfolios resolve to instruments mastered in the default scope, you can omit this field.

    For example:

    curl -X POST 'https://<your-domain>'
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json'
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-API-access-token>'
      -d '{
        "scope": "Example-CAS-scope",
        "code": "Example-CAS-code",
        "displayName": "Example corporate action source",
        "description": "This is an example corporate action source",
        "instrumentScopes": ["example-instrument-scope"]

Using the LUSID web app

Coming soon