When you need support from FINBOURNE, in some cases we may need to ask you to temporarily grant access to your account and data in order to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. 

FINBOURNE employees are unable to access your account and data without first obtaining your explicit consent. Click here to learn more about our security practices.

You can specify the time window for which access is granted to FINBOURNE for support purposes, and revoke access at any time.

Granting access to data

To grant access to your data, go to the left hand menu and select "Help". Under the "Help" menu, you will see a menu item called "Grant Access", which will open a new window for "Data Access".


On the "Data Access" tab, you will be able to grant access by clicking on the "Grant access" button.


You can add a description as a reminder to yourself, or your team, why access has been granted and specify the time period for which access has been granted. The shortest period is 1 day and the longest period is 14 days.


Once you have granted access, you will see this recorded in the table. You can revoke ALL data access grants by clicking on the "Revoke access" button at the top of the table.


If any any time you want to extend the access period, simply click Grant Access again and specify how long you want the access to be granted for (from now). Access will be automatically revoked when all of the currently active grant requests have expired.