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When you need support from FINBOURNE, we may ask you to temporarily grant access to your account and data in order that we might resolve any issues efficiently. 

FINBOURNE employees are unable to access your account and data without first obtaining your explicit consent. Learn more about our security practices.

You can specify:

  • A role for the FINBOURNE employee that determines what data they can see and which operations they can perform.
  • A time period between 1 and 14 days. You can revoke access at any time.

Granting access

To grant access:

  1. Sign in to the LUSID web app.
  2. Navigate to the Help > Data Access dashboard and click the Grant Access button:
  3. Select a role for the FINBOURNE employee, a number of days, and a description as a reminder to yourself (or your team) why access has been granted:
    IAM Read-Onlysupport-iam-readonlyGrants read-only access to IAM features and data only.
    IAM Administratorsupport-iam-administratorGrants top-level administrator access to IAM features and data only.
    LUSID Read-Onlysupport-lusid-readonlyGrants read-only access to the LUSID platform.
    LUSID Document Sharersupport-lusid-document-sharerGrants:
    • Write access to a special root LUSID-support-document-sharer folder in Drive.
    • Read-only access to all the other files and folders stored in Drive.
    LUSID Administratorlusid-administratorGrants top-level administrator access to the entire FINBOURNE platform.


Revoking access early

By default, access automatically expires after the set number of days. You can revoke access to all active grants early by clicking the Revoke access button that appears when you have at least one active grant: