The LUSID web app has numerous dashboards for valuations, holdings, transactions and so on.

By default, each dashboard has a set of columns showing appropriate information. You can customise the information on display by changing the order of columns, adding new ones, saving your preferences, and sharing them with colleagues so that everyone has the same view.

Re-arranging dashboard columns

You can re-arrange dashboard columns simply by dragging and dropping column headings:

Adding and removing dashboard columns

To add or remove dashboard columns, click on the  Configuration icon (top right), click the Add column button, and select a property to add its values to a column in the dashboard:

To remove a column you've added, click its  Delete icon. Note you cannot remove a default column from a dashboard, but you can hide it by clicking its  View icon.

Saving and switching between custom views

To create a custom view, go to the My views tab and select Create view. This take you back to the Table customisation tab where you can specify a View name and a uniquely identifying Code and Scope, and then customise your columns and Save the view:

To switch between any of the views defined for a dashboard, including the DEFAULT view, select from the View dropdown (top right of that dashboard):

Exporting a view to share with colleagues

You can export a custom view for a particular dashboard and have your colleagues import it, so you're all looking at the same data.

To export a view, click its  More icon and select Export. The exported view is a text file that it's safe to append to an email (there's no personal data in the file):

Importing a view shared by a colleague

To import a view shared by a colleague, open the appropriate dashboard, click the  Configuration icon and, on the My views tab, select Import view: