You can use the Drive.* providers supplied by FINBOURNE to interact with data stored in Drive, LUSID's built-in file repository and manager.

Providing you have suitable access control permissions, you can:

    • Read from CSV, Excel, SQLite, XML, Parquet and plain text files stored in Drive, perhaps in preparation for loading investment data into LUSID.
    • Write to files of the same types (plus PDF and Word), perhaps having retrieved investment data from LUSID.
    • Search a folder or folders for files.
    • Perform operations such as moving, renaming and deleting files.
    To interact with...Read from using the ... providerWrite to using the ... provider
    CSV and similarly-structured filesDrive.CsvDrive.SaveAs
    Excel filesDrive.Excel
    PDF filesN/A
    Word filesN/A
    SQlite filesDrive.Sqlite
    XML filesDrive.Xml
    Text filesDrive.RawText
    Apache Parquet filesDrive.Parquet
    Find filesDrive.FileN/A
    Move, rename and delete filesN/ADrive.File.Operation