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Providing you are a LUSID user with sufficient access control permissions, you can write a Luminesce query to enumerate through and find particular files stored in Drive, LUSID's file repository and manager.

Note: If you are the LUSID domain owner, you are automatically assigned the built-in lusid-administrator role, which has all the permissions necessary to perform the operations in this article.

You can then read data from one or more of these files and assemble a table of results to analyse, or perhaps to perform further operations on such as upserting data into LUSID.

Additionally, you can write data to files in Drive.

To... Use the ... provider
Find files in Drive Drive.File
Read data from CSV and similarly-structured files in Drive Drive.Csv
Read data from Excel files in Drive Drive.Excel
Read data from SQlite files in Drive Drive.Sqlite
Read data from XML files in Drive Drive.Xml
Read data from text files in Drive Drive.RawText
Write data to files in Drive Drive.SaveAs
Move, rename and delete files in Drive Drive.File.Operation