Drive is a secure repository and file manager built-in to LUSID.

You can think of Drive as a staging area for LUSID. You can upload files to Drive in preparation for loading investment data into LUSID. You can export data from LUSID to Drive in preparation for consumption by downstream systems. Or you can simply share files with colleagues in your LUSID domain, subject to permissions.

Note the following:

  • Every file uploaded to Drive is automatically virus scanned, and rejected if it contains malware.
  • A file exists in Drive until it is explicitly deleted; there is no lifecycle policy or archiving.
  • There is no versioning in Drive; if you replace a file, you cannot retrieve the previous version.

Providing you have appropriate permissions, you can interact with Drive using the LUSID web app, via the Data Management > Drive menu:

Alternatively, you can interact with Drive programmatically:


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