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Providing you have sufficient access control permissions, the Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema provider enables you to write a Luminesce SQL query that retrieves the field schemas defined within task definitions from the Workflow Service.

See alsoWorkflow.TaskDefinition 

Basic usage

select * from Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema where <filter-expression>

Data fields

By default, Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema returns a table of data populated with particular fields (columns). You can return a subset of these fields.

To list fields available to return, their data types, whether fields are considered 'main', and an explanation for each, run the following query using a suitable tool:

select FieldName, DataType, IsMain, IsPrimaryKey, SampleValues, Description from Sys.Field where TableName = 'Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema' and FieldType = 'Column';

Note: Fields marked 'main' are returned by queries that select a caret character, for example select ^ from Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema.


Note: For more example Luminesce SQL queries, visit our Github repo.

Example 1: Retrieve field schema for a task definition

select * from Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema where Scope = 'approvals' and Code = 'dataApproval';

Example 2: Retrieve data type of a particular field

select FieldType from Workflow.TaskDefinition.Schema where FieldName = 'dataToApproveDescription';