Every property in LUSID has a definition. The definition captures all the information about that property: its identity, what type of entities in LUSID the property can be applied to, and what form the values can take.

The three key parts of a property definition are:

  • Type: whether the property is a label or metric property
  • Data Typewhat constraints there are around the property's values, and how the data will be validated. The data type implicitly prescribes the unit for metric properties
  • Life Time: whether the property data is perpetual (has no time dimension) or is time-variant (is effective for a given period)
  • Constraint Style: whether the property, at any EffectiveAt time, has a single value (Property) or multiple values (Collection)

LUSID has a built-in set of system-defined properties which can be used, and additional custom property definitions can be created as required.

See the main article for more information: What are properties?