We provide ODBC 3.8 and JDBC 4.2-compliant drivers to support native integration of business intelligence (BI) apps such as PowerBI or Excel with Luminesce.

Once installed and configured, and providing end users have sufficient access control permissions, they can query Luminesce providers from their familiar BI environment as they would any other data source. See all available tools and interfaces.

If the BI app you want to integrate is:

  • Power BI Desktop (available from Microsoft Store), we recommend installing the Power BI Connector. See how to do this.
  • ODBC-aware (such as Excel, Tableau or non-Desktop Power BI) and installed on a Windows computer, we recommend installing the standalone Luminesce ODBC driver on that computer. See how to do this.
  • JDBC-aware (such as DBeaver), or is ODBC-aware and installed on a Mac or Linux computer, you must first install the Luminesce DBC server driver on a Windows computer and then either the Luminesce JDBC or ODBC client driver on the BI computer. You can choose this arrangement if your BI app is ODBC-aware and installed on Windows computers, perhaps in order to reduce the number directly connected to the internet. See how to do this.

Consider the following diagram:

Note: It is possible to bypass the Luminesce REST API and communicate directly with the Luminesce hub over AMQPS. This might be slightly more performant. However, it does require more complicated setup (including certificate provision) and for you to open port 5671 in your firewall. Contact us if you would like more information.