To help you get started, you can choose to populate your LUSID domain with example data.

The example data consists of an instrument master containing a set of real-world equity and bond instruments, plus four demonstration portfolios segregated in the Finbourne-Examples scope:

  1. UK-Equities (Currency = GBP / Assets = Equity / 10 Holdings)
  2. Global-Equity (Currency = Multi-currency / Assets = Equity / 10 Holdings)
  3. US-Treasury-Bond (Currency = USD / Assets = Fixed Income / 10 Holdings)
  4. US-Corporate-Bond (Currency = USD / Assets = Fixed Income / 10 Holdings)

Each portfolio is populated with the following information:

  • Initial take on transactions for all holdings
  • Take on cash balance(s)
  • Base currency of portfolio
  • Series of full buys / sells and partial buys / sell transactions
  • Buy into several new instrument and sell out of several existing instruments.

In addition, these portfolios are automatically updated with:

  • Ongoing periodic processing
  • Daily corporate actions processing.

Note your LUSID domain is also automatically populated with demonstration users, roles and policies to help you set up identity and access management (IAM).