1. Accessing your profile page

You can access your profile page via the user icon at the top hand corner of any LUSID website page. Please note that you need to be signed in to your LUSID domain.


2. Using your profile page

Personalise your account

Your profile page allows you to personalise your account, allowing you to change your first name, last name, role and phone number (which will be used as the default number for support purposes). However, you cannot change your Email address as this is the unique identifier for your account.


Get updates on the latest features and use cases

We are constantly adding new features, examples and documentation to LUSID. Please check the features to keep up to date and receive notifications on features that interest you.


Get system and FINBOURNE notifications

You can opt-in to receive system notifications (e.g. the status of LUSID services) as well as FINBOURNE notifications (e.g. release notes, trust incidents, scheduled system updates) by checking the relevant boxes.


Create and revoke Personal Access Tokens

Lastly, you can create and revoke Personal Access Tokens. To learn more about this process, please visit this article.