A Data Type is used to specify restrictions on data within LUSID (e.g. within a Property Definition). All data associated with a Data Type will be validated (on upload) to ensure that it passes the specified restrictions. This validation ensures LUSID can operate consistently across all data validated using the same Data Type.

The Data Type restrictions are:

  • The acceptable type of the data is (e.g. text, decimal, date).
  • Whether or not a Unit identifier must be specified (in the case of metric values), and what the acceptable set of units are.
  • Whether there are any constraints upon the actual data values e.g. data of type Rating must be one of a specific set of allowable values.

A Unit identifier is simply a text field, it’s optionality is specified by the Data Type.

LUSID comes with a core set of system defined Data Types. The ability to define custom Data Types is not currently available by users.