For bitemporal data, the effectiveAt and effectiveFrom timestamps reflect the point in time at which a data item becomes valid in LUSID from a business perspective. Find out about the asAt timestamp.

  • effectiveAt is the name of the timestamp field when you make a read or update request to LUSID, indicating that you want to retrieve or update data that is effective at the specified date.
  • effectiveFrom is the name of the timestamp field that LUSID returns in response messages, indicating that the data is effective from the specified date.

The exact meaning of effectiveAt and effectiveFrom depend on the data in question. Examples include:

  • The time a market price was published by an exchange.
  • The date a credit rating changed for a legal entity.
  • The date a corporate action should be applied.
  • A transaction date.

An effectiveAt timestamp is supplied by a user when uploading data into LUSID, for example the price of a stock being 120p @10:30 on 1st February 2023 and 121p @10:40 pm on 1st February 2023. 

If this data is loaded into the LUSID Quote Store, a query for it would populate the effectiveFrom field with 2023-02-01T10:30:00Z or 2023-02-01T10:40:00Z (depending on the query used).