Individual endpoints in the LUSID REST API have a lifecycle:

  1. Experimental
  2. Beta
  3. Early Access
  4. Production
  5. Deprecated

More information on these stages and how they might affect you.

You can determine the current stage for an endpoint by examining the API documentation. For example, the LUSID ListInstruments API is in the Early Access stage:

The LUSID UpsertInstruments API is in the Production stage (it does not have a label in square brackets):

Note that the LUSID SDKs are split into standard and preview repos that provide support for APIs in different stages. So for example:

  • lusid-sdk-python is the standard LUSID Python SDK and supports Early Access and Production APIs
  • lusid-sdk-python-preview is the LUSID Python Preview SDK and supports Experimental and Beta as well as Early Access and Production APIs.

To learn more about our software development release process, see this article.