1. Creating a LUSID domain

For a step by step guide on how to create an account, please read our tutorial.

LUSID domain names cannot contain symbols or spaces. However, you can use hyphens (i.e. "-") in the domain name. An example would be 

In addition, LUSID domains have to be unique. For example, there can only be single domain named In order to avoid duplication of domains, we have reserved the domain names for a number of investment firms. If you would like to claim an account that appears to have been reserved, please contact us at

When you've created an account, read how to get started using the LUSID APIs and SDKs.

2. Single and Multi-tenant hosting options

FINBOURNE offers clients both single and multi-tenant hosting options which both use an Okta implementation as the identity provider. By default, all evaluation LUSID accounts are hosted using a shared multi-tenant LUSID environment. To discuss how to set a single tenant LUSID environment, please contact us at

Single Tenant

In the single tenant hosting option, each client has its own LUSID environment and its own corresponding Okta tenant. Users are imported into the FINBOURNE Okta tenant from the client source and use federated authentication against Okta using OpenID Connect. 


In the multi-tenant hosting option clients can share a LUSID environment (with appropriate access controls restricting access to data) and share an Okta tenant. Authentication can be federated against a client provider or managed by FINBOURNE. 

Please note, all data is partitioned using a client identifier to ensure there is no cross contamination of client data within a multi-tenant LUSID environment. The client identifier is set at a client organisation level for all users and the client has no ability to change or submit alternate identifiers as part of any request.