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Providing you are a LUSID user with sufficient privileges, you can create a policy collection to group logically similar policies together.

Note: If you are the LUSID domain owner, you are automatically assigned the built-in lusid-administrator role, which has all the permissions necessary to perform the operations in this article.

For example, you might create a policy collection to group a matching feature policy and data policy that together permit operations on a particular dataset. Once created, you should assign the policy collection to a role.

Using the LUSID graphical web app 

  1. Sign in to the LUSID web app using the credentials of a LUSID administrator.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Identity and access > Policy collections:
  3. On the Policy collections dashboard, click the Create policy collection button.
  4. Specify a unique Code for the policy collection, and then assign suitable policies using the Policies > Choose dropdown. Optionally, you can choose to nest policy collections using the Policy collections > Choose dropdown:

Using the Access API

  1. Obtain an API access token.
  2. Call the Access POST /api/policycollections API endpoint for your LUSID domain, passing in your API access token and assigning policies (or nested policy collections). For example:
    curl -X POST "https://<your-domain>"
       -H "Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token>"
       -H "Content-Type: application/json"
       -d '{"code":"allow-portfolio-access","policies":[{"scope":"default","code":"data-read-portfolios-quotes-us"},{"scope":"default","code":"feature-read-portfolios-quotes-us"}],"policyCollections":[]}}'
    The response contains the scope and code that together uniquely identify the policy collection:
        "id": {
            "scope": "default",
            "code": "allow-portfolio-access"
        "policies": [
                "scope": "default",
                "code": "data-read-portfolios-quotes-us"
                "scope": "default",
                "code": "feature-read-portfolios-quotes-us"
        "policyCollections": [],