As we make changes in the source code and issue new releases, you may need to update to the latest version of the Notification Service. This page shows you what updates are included and how to migrate to the newest version.

In version 2:

  • The Notification Service moves to Users need to update their code to reflect this change.
    • Version 2 of the Notification Service Python SDK can be found here.
    • Version 2 of the Notification Service C# SDK can be found here.
  • Users can now subscribe to an expanded set of events, including order creation events, allocation events and more. See how to list all events.
    • TransactionPortfolioCreated has been replaced by PortfolioCreated using a different schema. Users need to update their code to reflect this change.
  • Users can now send an AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) notification when an event occurs. Read more on this.
  • Some APIs have changed and/or been renamed. Users need to update their code to reflect the following changes:
    • TriggerManualEvent has replaced the CreateEvent API. See how to use the updated Manual event.
    • Notifications APIs, including CreateEmailNotification, CreateSmsNotification, CreateWebhookNotification, UpdateEmailNotification, UpdateSmsNotification and UpdateWebhookNotification have been consolidated into CreateNotification and UpdateNotfication. Users now need to specify the notification type within the body of the call:
    • Event attributes have been updated to include a headerSchema and bodySchema. Users need to update their code to prefix these attributes with Header. or Body. when using them in mustache templates and LUSID filtering syntax: 

      For example, you can update mustache templates in your notifications by calling the UpdateNotification API and passing in the subscription scope and code, the notification id and the request body for the type of notification you're updating. An updated email notification for the portfolio created event might look like this:

      curl -X 'PUT' \
        'https://<your-domain>' \
        -H 'accept: application/json' \
        -H 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' \
        -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-bearer-token>' \
        -d '{
        "displayName": "PortfolioCreatedEventEmailNotification",
        "description": "An email notification for portfolio created events",
        "notificationType": {
          "Type": "Email",
          "Subject": "Portfolio with scope {{Body.PortfolioScope}} and code {{Body.PortfolioCode}} created",
          "PlainTextBody": "Portfolio with scope {{Body.PortfolioScope}} and code {{Body.PortfolioCode}} created at {{Header.timestamp}}",
          "HtmlBody": "<p>Portfolio with scope {{Body.PortfolioScope}} and code {{Body.PortfolioCode}} created at {{Header.timestamp}}</p>",
          "EmailAddressTo": [
  • Users can now interact with version 2 of the Notification Service in Luminesce using the following providers:Please note:
    • Notification.Subscription, Notification.EventType and Notification.Delivery return both version 1 and 2 data. 
    • The version 1 Luminesce providers Notification.Event.Writer and Notification.Subscription.Notification are now deprecated but, for now, can still be used to interact with version 1 of the Notification Service. We advise users migrate to version 2 as soon as they can.