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You can use LUSID's order management system to record orders for all instruments supported by LUSID. LUSID currently supports the placement of orders for the following instruments:


Placement method

Using LUSID to stage orders in an EMS such as FlexNow

Using LUSID to place orders directly with a broker

Creating orders externally and storing a record in LUSID via drop copy

Using LUSID to manually record your order activity

ContractForDifferenceComing soon 
EquitySwapComing soon 
FutureComing soon  
ExchangeTradedOptionComing soon  
EquityOptionComing soon  
BondBondComing soon  
ComplexBondComing soon  
InflationLinkedBondComing soon  
FutureComing soon  
ExchangeTradedOptionComing soon 
RatesForwardRateAgreementComing soon 
InterestRateSwapComing soon 
InflationSwapComing soon 
TermDepositComing soon 
FutureComing soon 
ExchangeTradedOptionComing soon 
InterestRateSwaptionComing soon 
CapFloorComing soon 
CreditCreditDefaultSwapNot currently supported 
CdsIndexNot currently supported 
FXCurrency (FX Spot)  
FxForwardComing soon 
FxSwapComing soon 
FutureComing soon 
ExchangeTradedOptionComing soon 
FxOptionComing soon 
CommoditiesFutureNot currently supported 
ExchangeTradedOptionNot currently supported 
Securitised financeRepoNot currently supported 
SimpleInstrumentNot currently supported 
MortgageBackedSecurityNot currently supported 
Private assetsEquityNot currently supported 
TermDepositNot currently supported 
SimpleCashFlowLoanNot currently supported 
ComplexLoanNot currently supported 
FundingLegNot currently supported