LUSID has been designed to simplify the common issues encountered in investment data management. Whether onboarding data whilst implementing a new outsourced service provider or when running daily operational uploads of trade files, instrument validation failures can cause mission critical processes to fail, often resulting in an impact far beyond a single unreferenced instrument. LUSID has been implemented with a load first philosophy - data ingest processes are designed to load all data "as delivered" with the system automatically flagging any exceptions for subsequent remediation without interrupting critical processes. 

LUSID has a special instrument, LUID_ZZZZZZZZ. You may see this in the response from a request to upload data to LUSID, occurring if LUSID is unable to resolve a unique  instrument from your supplied list of Instrument identifiers.

For example, when you upsert transactions to LUSID it expects a list of identifiers for each transaction.  LUSID uses this logic to determine a unique Instrument for the transaction, and if this is not possible will assign the Unknown Instrument to the Transaction.