LUSID has a built-in quote store which can be used to record market data to be used for valuing holdings and running other analyses. It can be used to store market prices, rates and FX quotes.

Quotes are stored against some kind of instrument identifier, such as an ISIN, SEDOL, RIC or FIGI; or a currency-pair in the case of FX rates.

Each quote has a type (e.g. price, spread, rate), which indicates the nature of the quote. The units are also captured against each quote value, together with a price-side: bid, mid, ask.

They also have an effective-date. This could be a full date and time (in UTC) to support live intra-day pricing, or a date and a cut-label (e.g. 7 Jan 2019, close).

Finally, quotes are stored in the context of a provider / scope and price source / contributor, which reflect the channel through which the quotes were obtained, and the underlying source of the values, respectively.