Continuous delivery

Finbourne software is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) following a Continuous Delivery (CD) approach.  This means for instance that there is only ever one version of LUSID deployed in production.

Each new version will retain backwards compatibility with the previous version.  Should there ever be a requirement to release a breaking change, FINBOURNE will give advance warning to clients based on usage logs. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. new Day0 threat vulnerabilities) FINBOURNE reserves the right to make breaking changes at its discretion.

Automated testing 

As part of the part of the Continuous Delivery (CD) approach implemented for our products, we run 8 levels of automated testing during our QA cycle where the application is subject to various tests as part of each build / release including:

  • Functional unit and integration tests
  • Data regression tests
  • Performance tests
  • Load tests

We simulate loads from both a high number (1000's) of light-use clients, through to smaller numbers of intensive / bulk-load use cases, at different levels of platform scale and also implement chaos engineering principles to ensure robustness of our platform.

To learn more about our product feature release lifecycle please visit this article.