Individual endpoints in the LUSID REST API have a state:

  • Early Access, denoted in square brackets in Swagger:
  • Production. The status is omitted from Swagger:
  • Deprecated, denoted in square brackets in Swagger:
 Early Access*ProductionDeprecated
Product stateFunctionally completeGenerally availableNot recommended and may be removed
SDKsUnder developmentYESN/A
Luminesce providers**Under developmentYESN/A
API changesReserve right to make breaking changes with noticeNo breaking changesN/A
Service level agreements***YESYESYES

* Some API endpoints are currently denoted 'Experimental' and 'Beta' in addition to 'Early Access'. All are in a non-production state.

** The state of Luminesce providers can be ascertained by querying the Sys.Registration provider, for example select Name, Lifecycle from Sys.Registration. Note that Stable is equivalent to Production.

*** SLAs apply only to paid accounts, not to trial accounts.

Early Access

An API endpoint in Early Access is new or enhanced functionality made available for clients to selectively "opt-in" to and use in both production and non-production environments. Early Access endpoints are supported by FINBOURNE Support and have documentation in draft. Breaking changes to the API may be made in exceptional circumstances, and clients will be notified in advance.


An API endpoint in Production is supported by FINBOURNE Support and is fully documented. There will be no breaking changes to the API.


An API endpoint identified as Deprecated is no longer recommended and may be removed in the future. This is typically a rare event designed to improve the product based on customer feedback, or to increase performance. We work closely with customers to minimise disruption, communicating intentions and remedial action, and taking action where necessary to prevent further use. Only when a deprecated API is no longer used by clients is it removed.