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LUSID is transitioning to a model where each kind of corporate action has a dedicated event type, for example CashDividendEvent. In addition, LUSID provides:

  • A default cash dividend transaction template that generates a transaction for adividend amount belonging to a particular transaction type (see below).
  • A default cash dividend transaction type with movements that represent a typical economic impact for a transaction representing a cash dividend.

You can use the default transaction template and transaction type for cash dividend events, or create your own.

When you enable this feature in your LUSID environment, for each portfolio with a holding in the affected instrument, LUSID automatically: 

  • Generates an output transaction from the transaction template scaled to your holding in that portfolio on the ex date, and enriched with extra information such as gain/loss or a tax calculation.
  • Implements the economic impact prescribed by the transaction type, for example adding the dividend amount to a core cash balance, or to a separate cash balance.

The following dedicated event types are available or planned. Contact your FINBOURNE representative for more information.

Note: If a particular event type is not available yet, you can model any kind of corporate action as a transition event.

Corporate actionIndustry codeDedicated event typeParticipationChoice(s)Available for instruments of type...Status
Cash dividendDVCACashDividendEventMandatoryCashAvailable. Contact us to turn this feature on.
Mandatory with choicesCash (choice of currencies)
Dividend optionDVOPDividendOptionEventMandatory with choicesSecurity or cashPlanned
Dividend reinvestmentDRIPDividendReinvestmentEventMandatory with choicesSecurity or cashPlanned
Scrip dividendDVSCTBDMandatorySecurityPlanned
Stock dividendDVSETBDMandatorySecurityPlanned
Payment in kindPINKTBDMandatorySecurityPlanned