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LUSID is transitioning to a model where it automatically emits lifecycle events for certain instruments, enabling you to handle those events in a seamless and consistent manner.

Note: You must contact us to enable this feature in your environment. It is disabled by default to prevent events impacting existing portfolios in an uncontrolled manner.

For example, LUSID emits a bond coupon event each time a coupon is due on an instrument defined as type Bond in the LUSID Security Master. In addition, we provide:

  • A default bond coupon transaction template that automatically generates a scaled output transaction transaction for the coupon amount.
  • Recommendations for a bond coupon transaction type that confer a typical economic impact for a transaction representing a bond coupon.

You can use the default transaction template for bond coupon events, or create your own. You can configure the transaction type to have any economic impact you like.

When you enable this feature in your LUSID environment, for each portfolio with a holding in the bond instrument, LUSID automatically: 

  1. Generates an output transaction for an amount scaled to your holding in that portfolio, and enriched with extra information such as gain/loss or a tax calculation.
  2. Implements the economic impact prescribed by the transaction type, for example adding the coupon amount to a cash balance.

Recommended readingHandling bond coupon, principal and maturity events.

Bond coupon, principal and maturity events are available now. Many more instrument lifecycle events are available, coming soon or planned:

LUSID instrument typeAvailable eventsStatusNotes
BondBondCouponEventAvailableTo handle a bond default and terminate automatic bond lifecycle events, load a BondDefaultEvent corporate action. More information.
ComplexBondBondCouponEventQ2 2024