1. Rearranging dashboard columns

You can configure your dashboard columns either by: 1) dragging and dropping the column headings at  the top of the table,  or 2) clicking on the "configuration" cog and changing the order of the columns in the "Table Customisation" tab.



2. Adding and removing dashboard columns

To add or remove dashboard columns, click on the "configuration" cog and select the "Add column" drop down on the "Table Customisation" tab. Once you have selected the column you want to add, click "Save".


To delete a column, click the "delete" icon next to the column. Please note that some columns are mandatory, and whilst you cannot delete these columns, you can instead hide them from your table view by clicking "Hide" icon next to the column.


3. Saving and managing customised views 

To save a new view, go to the "Manage views" tab and click the "Create new" icon. This take you to the table customisation tab where you can name your view, customise your columns and save it. You can also edit, copy and delete views in the "Manage views" tab. 


To select your saved views, you can also use the view drop down on the dashboard, which will take you to the "My saved views" tab on the Configuration settings.